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Dr. Hossein Iman-Eini

Contact number: 021-61114962

Email address:


PhD in power electronics, jointly with Polytechnic University of Grenoble, France and University of Tehran (2008-2008)

Thesis title: Research, design and construction of medium pressure to low pressure converter for the use of electronic power transformers
Master’s degree in Electronics, University of Tehran (1380-1382)

Thesis title: Design and construction of solar array simulator
Bachelor of Electronics, University of Tehran (1380-1376)

Bachelor’s project title: Designing and building a distance-finding system to prevent car accidents

Faculty member, Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Technical Faculty, University of Tehran

Associate Professor of Electricity-Power Department (present-2014)
Assistant Professor of Electricity-Power Department (2018-2019)
Conducting research fellowship at Kiel University, Germany (currently 2016-2016)

Research title: Improved structure of modular multilevel converter with DC fault blocking capability for HVDC systems
Post-doctoral course at Polytechnic University of Grenoble, France (2015-2016)

Research title: Laboratory implementation (hardware in the loop) of variable speed drive connected to water turbine generator of pumped-storage power plant
Scientific-research honors:

Obtaining the Humboldt Scholarship from the German Humboldt Institute for experienced professionals (2017)
Obtaining the French government BGF scholarship for the post-doctoral course (2016)
Obtaining the French government scholarship BGF to study in the joint doctoral program (year 2007)
Graduated with the first rank of undergraduate students of the Technical Faculty (2013)
Special fields of interest:

The design of electronic power systems including all types of power sources, inverters, rectifiers, etc.
High power and multilevel converters
Electronic and measurement systems (DSP, processors, etc.)
Application of power electronics in power systems (power quality devices and FACTS)


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Dr. Kourosh Khalaj Monfared

Mail Address:
Phone Number: +9821-61115085

PhD in Power Electronics, University of Tehran (Iran): 2017-2022
MSc in Electrical Engineering, University of Tehran, Iran: 2015-2017
BSc in Electrical Engineering, University of Shahid Beheshti, Iran: 2011-2015

Job Experiences
University of Tehran

Assistant Professor, Power Electronics Group: from 2023

• Ranked first among graduated bachelor students of the College of Engineering (2015)
• Ranked first among graduated master students of the College of Engineering (2017)
• Ranked first among graduated Ph.D. students of the College of Engineering (2022)
• Chosen young writer in the book Week of the Islamic Republic of Iran (2013)

Research Interests
• Design and control of power electronics systems
• Pulsed power systems and resonant converters
• High-power converters and multilevel converters
• Energy conversion systems (e.g., photovoltaic converters)
• Power quality and FACTS devices

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Power Electronics and Energy Systems Laboratory was established in 2010 with the aim of training efficient engineers and researchers. In this educational and research environment, specialized fields such as the design of power electronic systems, including all types of power supplies, inverters and rectifiers, high and multi-level power converters, types of high voltage or HV systems, energy conversion systems, etc. are under study and research.

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